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Food Packaging Machine

XFS-150 XFS-180 I Food Packaging Machine
Food Packaging Machine XFS-150 XFS-180 I
Features of Food Packaging Machine:
1. Offer many functions such as bag-making, dosing, filling and sealing
2. Employ PLC human-machine interface and all the actions are driven by air cylinder
3. Match with different filling heads, making it capable of packing various materials in three-side or four-side sealed sachets
4. Deliver good efficiency and stability
5. Outer wrapping material: multilayer heat-sealable films

Applications of Food Packaging Machine:
This food packaging machine is especially suitable for packing foodstuff, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, pesticide, and more.

Technical Specification of Food Packaging Machine:
Model XFS-150 XFS-180 I
Bag size(W×H) 70×100 --150×200mm 85×100 --180×225mm
Volume 5 --280 ml 5 -- 400 ml
Capacity 40 -- 80 bag/min 40 -- 80 bag/min
Power consumption 2 KWA 2.05 KWA
Air consumption 0.7 m3/min 0.7 m3/min
Power supply 380V/50Hz/3phase 380V/50Hz/3phase
Weight 600 Kg 700 Kg
Dimensions(L×W×H) 2600×970×2000 mm 3200×970×2000 mm
Packing Process:
1. Roller Film
3. Mould for forming bags
5. 4th Seal
7. Scissors
9. Opener
11. Filling funnel
2."V" Formation
4.Optical Sensor
6.Vertical Sealing Jaws
8. Pulling Fingers
10.Filling funnel
12.Upper Sealing Head
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