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Horizontal Powder Packing Machine

XFS-110 Horizontal Powder Packing Machine
Horizontal Powder Packing Machine XFS-110
Features of Powder Packing Machine:
1. Carry out the operations of bag-making, dosing, filling and sealing automatically
2. Employ PLC control system
3. Match with different filling head
4. Be able to pack various materials in three-side or four-side sealed sachets
5. The system for going down film adopts servomotor control
6. Wrapping material: multilayer heat-sealable films

Technical Specification of Powder Packing Machine:
Model XFS-110
Bag size(W×H) 50×50--110×130mm
Volume 2.5 -- 60 ml
Capacity 40 -- 90 bag/min
Power consumption 1.9KWA
Power supply 380V/50Hz/3phase
Weight 450 Kg
Dimensions(L×W×H) 1840×750×2000 mm
Working process:
1. Roller Film
3. Mould for forming bags
5. 4th Seal
7. Vertical Sealing Jaws
9. Upper Sealing Head
11. Pulling Fingers

2."V" Formation
4. Optical Sensor
6. Opener
8. Filling Funnel
10. Scissors

XF-Z Pillow Type Packing Machine

This packing machine is widely used to pack regular objects like foodstuff, medicine, daily appliances, industrial parts etc.

Specification of Pillow Type Packing Machine:
Model 250 320
Packaging speed 40-230pcs/min 30-200pcs/min
Bag length(mm) 65-190 or 120-280 90-220
Bag width(mm) 30-110mm
Film width Max 250mm Max 320mm
Power supply 220V, 50-60Hz, 2.6KVA
Dimensions(mm) L*W*H 3770×670×1450 L*W*H 4300×900×1500
Weight 800Kg 800kg
Packing Material PT/PE,BEOPP/PE,AL/PE and other heatable sealed laminated films etc.
Remarks Air filling device for option
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