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Powder Packing Machine

XFL-F Powder Packing Machine
Powder Packing Machine XFL-F
Features of Powder Packing Machine:
1. High speed, long service time
2. Can be custom-made upon customer’ request

This kind of packing machinery is especially suited for automatic packing of food, pharmaceutical, and chemical products in mesh size of 120-240, such as food additive, milk powder, Soya powder, medical powder, etc

Technical Specification of Powder Packing Machine:
Dosing method Auger dosing Auger dosing
Weighing range 0-100 ml 0-330 ml
Packing speed 40-60 (bag/min) 20-60 (bag/min)
Bag size (W):30-120 mm (L): 30-155mm (W): 30-120 mm (L): 30-155mm
Power 1400W 1600W
Power supply 380V or 220V or customized 380V or 220V or customized
Weight 180kg 250kg
Dimensions (L*W*H) 625*750*1560 mm 1010*730*1780 mm
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