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Fill Seal Packing Machine (6 Electronic Dosing Set)

XFG Bag  Fill Seal Packing Machine (6 Electronic Dosing Set)
Bag Fill Seal Packing Machine XFG (6 Electronic Dosing Set)
Features of XFG Bag Fill Seal Packing Machine:
1. It will stop filling when the bag is damaged or defective
2. It will not seal the empty bag, saving material
3. The superior cleaning device and dust removing device ensure the dustless working environment.
4. This packing machine can automatically fill and seal various flat bags, and it is easy to adjust the bag size.

This kind of packing machinery is especially used for the filling and sealing of granulated products, such as chicken flavor, MSG, granulated sugar and tea leaves etc.

Technical Specification of Bag Fill Seal Packing Machine:
Capacity 30-50 bag/min
Bag size (L)100-300mm (W)100-200 mm
Filling weight up to1000 g/bag (max)
Bag sealing heat sealing
Power supply AC380V±10%,3-phase 50Hz
Power consumption 2.0KW
Air Consumption 0.2m3/min at 5-8 kgf/cm2, air compressor is supplied by customer
Machine Weight 1200kg
Dimensions W×L×H 1140×1500×1560mm
Technical Specification of 6 Electronic Dosing Set:
Weighing range 20-200g, 50-500g, 100-1000g
Weighing precision ±1-3g
Weighing and packing speed 1500-2700bags/hour
Application Granules: chemicals, seasonings, feedstuff, granulated sugar, salt and etc.
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