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Liquid Filling Production Line

XFY Liquid Filling Production Line
Liquid Filling Production Line XFY
This kind of filling machine is suitable for the filling, lidding and capping of 30-500ml bottles.
Capacity 60-80B/M
Bottle specification 30-500ml
Sealing rate ≥99%
Sealing mode Screwing, capping, or spiral twisting
Power supply 380V 50Hz
Power 2Kw
Dimensions(mm) 2900×1300×1650(including bottle feeding machine)
XF-TB Self-adhesive Labeling Machine
Features of Self-adhesive Labeling Machine:
1. Automatically finish the process of feeding separating, labels feeding, labeling and legible batch numbers marking.
2. Driven by large drive step motor and equipped with Japan OMRON optoelectronic control device and advanced power source protection system, bringing start buffering function, high flexibility, large torque, constant working voltage and anti-disturbance.

Application: This kind of packaging machinery is mainly used to label columned or square plastic bottles, glass bottles or similar containers in food, medicine, chemical and light industries
Labeling range Φ20~100mm
Capacity 80~200B/MIN
The inside diameter of label-roll Φ76mm
The outside diameter of label-roll Φ300mm
The length of label 20~200mm
The width of label 20~100mm
Power supply 200V/50HZ 250W
Dimensions 1820×1100×1500mm
Machine Weight 200Kg
XF-LF Electromagnetic Induction Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine
Features of Electromagnetic Induction Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine:
1. Prevent the material from overflowing and extend its storage life, conform to CMP standard
2. With self checking function and the protection function of overflowing, overvoltage and overtemperature
3. Adopt double water-cooling cycle, cooling sensors and power module respectively
4. With adjustable power, high sealing speed, good separating quality of the aluminum foil and cardboard
5. Can be matched with bottle-supply machine, bottle-eliminate machine

This kind of packaging machine is applicable to the container sealing of medicine, veterinary drugs, insecticides, flavor, lubricants, cosmetic and so on.
Powder supply 220V/50Hz
Power 2kw
Power ф20-100mm 
Bottle height 30-260mm also can be customized
Speed 60--120pcs/min
Weight 180kg
Dimensions 1800×500×1300mm
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