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Automatic Carton Erector

XFC-KX Automatic Carton Erector
Automatic Carton Erector XFC-KX
Features of Automatic Carton Erector:
1.Automatically perform the functions of carton opening, shaping, folding etc.
2. Adopt PLC and the display screen, resulting in easier operation and lower cost.
3. Be able to correct the right-angle automatically
4. Compact design: easy to install
5. Carton-providing device: accurately put cartons of different size
6. Adhesive tape at the bottom of the carton: clean, accurate

Technical Specification:
Carton size L200-500 W150-400 H100-450mm
Speed 8-12 carton/min
Table height 750±50mm
Dimensions 1700×1930×1500mm
Power supply 220/380 50/60Hz
Air source 5-6kg/cm3
Adhesive tape 48/60/72mm
Machine Weight 600kg
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