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Auto Carton Packing Machine

XFC-ZX Auto Carton Packing Machine
Auto Carton Packing Machine XFC-ZX
Features of Auto Carton Packing Machine:
1. Use PLC and touch screen for easy operation and stable performance
2. Novel design, compact structure
3. Can be combined with packing production line, easy to move
4. The machine will stop when there is no bottle

This kind of packaging machine, with a variety of applications, is suitable for various products, including plastic flat bottles, round bottles, irregular bottles, glass bottles, columned and oval-shaped bottles, square cans and paper cans etc.

Technical Specification of Auto Carton Packing Machine:
Carton L200-500 W150-400 H100-450mm
Height of the table 750±50mm
Carton speed 8-12 carton/Min 16-24 carton/Min
Dimensions 2100×2000×2400mm
Power supply 220/380 50/60Hz
Power supply 5-6kg/cm3 6-8 kg/cm3
Machine weight 1000kg 1200Kg
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