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Semi-auto Carton Sealing Machine

XF-6050/5050 Semi-auto Carton Sealing Machine
Semi-auto Carton Sealing Machine XF-6050/5050
Features of Semi-auto Carton Sealing Machine:
1. Seal both top and bottom of the carton with adhesive tape at one stroke
2. Can be used separately or combined with packaging line

This type of packing machine is extensively used for the sealing of the carton in the field of food, medicament, and chemistry etc.

Technical Specification:
Model XF-6050 XF-5050
Conveying Speed 0~20m/min 0-20m/min
Max. Packing Size W500 × H600mm W500 × H500mm
Min. Packing Size W150 × H110mm W150 × H100mm
Power Supply 110V,220 ~ 240V/50 ~ 60Hz,1Phase
Power 180W 240W
Tape Width 1"1.5"2"2.5" 1"1.5"2"2.5"
Dimensions 1660 ×740 × 1590mm 1620×840×1500mm
Weight 145kg 120Kg
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