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Automatic Tray On-line Pallet Wrapping Machine

XFC- ZC Automatic Tray On-line Pallet Wrapping Machine
Automatic Tray On-line Pallet Wrapping Machine XFC- ZC
With the features of higher packing efficiency and lower labor intensity, this kind of packing machine is widely used in the field of chemical, electronic, food, papermaking, beverage etc.

Technical Specification:
Wrapping Size(L×W) (500-1400)mm×(500-1200)mm
Packing Height(MAX) 1800mm or 2400mm
Packing Efficiency 40-60 Carton/hour
Turntable Speed 0-15rpm (The turning speed is adjustable and the turntable can be placed accurately.)
Turntable Loading(MAX) 2000Kg
Turntable Height 625mm
Conveying Speed 12m/min
Conveying System Roller, chain line or other structure is optional for dynamic conveyor
Film Carriage System Film stretching frame, pre-stretch film at 250%, auto film feeding and its speed is adjustable.
Control System PLC Control, check product’s height automatically, wrapping layer and time is adjustable.
Power/Voltage 2.3Kw/AC220V
Machine Weight(MAX) 1200KG
Dimension 3000×2000×3000mm
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