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10-head Multihead Weigher

10-head Multihead Weigher
10-head Multihead Weigher
Features of 10-head Multihead Weigher:
1. The parts contacting the material are made of stainless steel
2. High-precision weighing, easy to wash
3. The servo motor adopted brings smooth running, low noise and long service life

It is widely used to for the weighing of various kinds of granules and flaky food, such as dried fruit, quick frozen food etc.

Technical Specification of 10-head Multihead Weigher:
Name 10-head Weighter
Max weight 1000g
Weighting range 14-1000g
Weighting accuracy ±0.3-1.5g
Weighing speed Max 60bag/min
Weighing cell load German load cell
Material Parts touch with product is stainless steel
Power supply AC220V/50Hz
Power 1500W
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