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Sleeve Shrink Wrapping Machine

XF-ZS Sleeve Shrink Wrapping Machine
Sleeve Shrink Wrapping Machine XF-ZS
Features of Sleeve Shrink Wrapping Machine:
1. Automatically perform the functions of piling, wrapping, shrinking and cooling at one stroke
2. Electrical units and pneumatic components are imported from well-known brands: OMORAN, SICK, NOGER, and MITSUBISHI etc.

This shrink wrapping machine is suited for shrink packing of such products as pop can, glass bottle, beer, mineral water, drinks and so on. When combines with constant temperature shrinker, it is applicable to PE, PVC shrink film.

Technical Specification of Sleeve Shrink Wrapping Machine:
Name Sealing machine Shrink tunnel
Horizontal height and length of infeed conveyor 850±50mm/1500mm 850±50mm
Max packing dimension L700×W300×H300 L(unlimited)×W600×H400
Packing speed 10-18pcs/min 0-12m/miute
Power supply 3φ/220V/380V 50/60Hz 2KW 3φ/220V/380V 50/60Hz 20KW
Air source 0.6Mpa(6Kg/c㎡)  
Sealing time and temperature 0.5-1.5S/0-250℃ 0-250℃
Film width/thickness MA×650mm/0.04-0.12mm  
Dimensions L1500×W2700×H2000 L3000×W970×H1400
Weight 465kg 550kg
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