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Floor Standing Ink-roll Sealing Machine

XF-1000LD Floor Standing Ink-roll Sealing Machine
Floor Standing Ink-roll Sealing Machine XF-1000LD
Features of Floor Standing Ink-roll Sealing Machine:
1. Various kinds of spec are available: horizontal style, vertical style, floor stand style etc.
2. Adopt electronic thermostat, automatic conveyor and coding device
3. No limitation for the length of the plastic packing bag
4. During sealing, colored letters can be printed, such as manufacture date, guaranteed period etc.
5. The height and speed can be adjusted according to the requirement of production line.

Technical Specification:
Model XF-1000LD
Voltage 110V,220V-240V
Power 600 W
Sealing speed 0-10m/Min
Sealing width 6-15mm
Thickness of film 0.02-0.80mm
Temperature control range 0-300℃
Print word count 2 rows 30 words
Load of conveyor 5KG
Dimensions 920mm×520mm×820mm
Weight 40kg
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