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Horizontal Ink-roll Sealing Machine

XF-1000 Horizontal Ink-roll Sealing Machine
Horizontal Ink-roll Sealing Machine XF-1000
Features of Horizontal Ink-roll Sealing Machine:
1. Various kinds of specs: horizontal style, vertical style and floor stand style etc.
2. Be made up of electronic thermostat, automatic conveyor and printing device
3. Length of the plastic packing bag: no limitation
4. Can print colored letters such as manufacture date, guarantee period during sealing
5. Improved sealing efficiency

Technical Specification:
Model XF-1000
Voltage 110V,220V-240V/50HZ
Power 600 W
Sealing speed 0-13m/Min
Sealing width 6-15mm
Thickness of film 0.02-0.80mm
Temperature control range 0-300℃
Print word count 2 rows 30 words
Load of conveyor 5KG
Dimensions 920mm×380mm×280mm
Weight 30kg
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