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China Horizontal Powder Packing Machine XFS-110

Xingfei,China powder packing machine manufacturer,horizontal powder packing machine XFS-110 for bag-making,dosing,filling and sealing automatically.

China Food Packaging Machine Maker

Xingfei,China food packaging machine manufacturer,XFS-150 XFS-180 I food packaging machine with PLC human-machine interface,with various filling-head for 3-side and 4 side bag sealing.

China Granule Packaging Machine (3-Side/4-Side Sealing)

Xingfei,China granule packaging machine maker,3-side/4-side sealing granule packaging machine for packing loose,non-adhesive small granules by using PE,PET plastic film.

China XFL-Y Liquid Packing Machine

Xingfei,China liquid packing machine maker,XFL-Y liquid packing machine for packaging pesticide,shampoo,facial cream,ingredient oil,tomato ketchup and honey.

China Automatic Weighing Packing Machine

Xingfei,China weighing packing machine maker,automatic weighing packing machine of vibrating feeder,Z type lift,multi-head weigher,platform,for packaging puff snack food,potato chips...

China Vertical Food Packing Machine Saler

Xingfei,China food packing machine saler,vertical food packing machine of PLC Servo System,pneumatic control system for filling,dosing and counting.

China Automatic Bag Fill Seal Packaging Machine XFG-8ST

Xingfei,China food packaging machine maker,automatic bag fill seal packaging machine XFG-8ST for packing materials with standup bag,stable bag nipping structure for high speed packing.

China Bag Granular Fill Seal Packaging Machine

Xingfei,China packaging machine manufacturer,bag granular fill seal packaging machine for packing crispy rice,jelly,candy,apple chips,dumpling,deep-frozen food.

China Bag Powder Fill Seal Packaging Machine

Xingfei,China packaging machine manufacturer,bag powder fill seal packaging machine for packaging flour,flavoring,milk powder,dextrose,chemical powder,refined sugar,pesticide.

China Bag Liquid Fill Seal Packing Machine

Xingfei,China packaging machine manufacturer,bag liquid fill seal packaging machine XFG for filling yellow wine,sauce,vinegar,juice,beverage,ketchup.

China Bag Fill Seal Packing Machine(6 Electronic Dosing Set)

Xingfei,China packaging machine maker,bag fill seal packaging machine of 6 electronic dosing set for filling sealing granulated materials such as chicken flavor,sugar,tea leaves.

China Auto Can-feeding,Filling and Packing Machine

Xingfei,China can-feeding,filling and packing machine manufacturer,high speed packing machine of touch screen,HMI,PLC control system,for packing milk powder,monosodium glutamate,solid beverage.

Liquid Filling Production Line,Capping Machine,Labeling Machine,Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine

Xingfei,China liquid filling production line manufacturer,whole set including capping,labeling and aluminum foil sealing machine of water-cooling cycle,cooling sensors for sealing drugs,medicines...

China Automatic Soft Tube Filling Sealing Machine

Xingfei,China filling sealing machine manufacturer,soft tube filling sealing machine for packing fluid materials of toothpaste,cosmetics,food,chemicals at stable performance.

China Semi-auto Filling and Packing Machine

Xingfei,China filling packing machine manufacturer,semi-auto filling packing machine with servo motor PLC control system for feeding powder automatically,stainless steel shell for long life span.